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  Ford Justice Professional Corporation – PROFILE  

As Family Law Practitioners, we seek to create long-term, satisfactory resolutions to interpersonal conflicts whether through litigation, arbitration, mediation or negotiation. With over 30 years experience practicing family law in Ontario, Ford Justice prides itself on its solid reputation for compassionate and thorough legal representation and for its track record of successful court decisions and negotiated settlements.

Using a sensible and balanced approach, we have developed an ability to get to the heart of what is most important for clients. When a couple goes through a divorce or separation, we know they are concerned about children, finances, housing, cherished possessions, safety and overall well-being. We do everything in our power to negotiate a settlement out of Court. If settlement is not possible, we have significant experience getting results in Court. Our lawyers also have specialized training and experience in Collaborative Family Law. With the goal of resolving the dispute in a respectful manner, the couple signs a written agreement to resolve their dispute without ever going to Court.

As Labour Law practitioners, we recognize the importance of creating a resolution to the subject labour issue which strives to preserve the relationship between the parties.  We recognize that the employer/employee parties must work together for years to come, so making the matter unduly litigious does nothing to serve our clients’ long-term needs and goals.

Ford Justice Family Law PractitionersAs Estate Law practitioners, we take the time necessary to fully appreciate your wants, needs and family dynamics; thereby ensuring that the documents we draft truly reflect your wishes and intent. 

As Civil Law practitioners, we canvass with you the most economic and expedient resolution to your issue, be it negotiation, arbitration or litigation. 

Our expertise is in accessing and deploying the resources of one of our lawyers or our entire team if necessary to protect our clients' legal rights and interests. Our goal is to obtain uncommon results using common sense solutions while maintaining a standard of excellence.





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