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Domestic Contracts

The team at Ford Justice can answer any questions you might have about Family Law, specifically domestic contracts.

We can help you with

Marriage Contracts

Once you decide to get married it is in your family's best interests to have an agreement prepared dealing with your respective rights and obligations. These issues may exist within the marriage itself or as a result of separation, annulment of your marriage, divorce or even death. This type of an agreement is referred to as a Marriage Contract.

In a Marriage Contract, the spouses may deal with:

  • Ownership in or division of property
  • Support
  • Children's education and moral training
  • Any other matter

Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation Agreements are similar to Marriage Contracts. They are designed to accommodate the wishes of people who are living together, or intend to live together, but who may not marry. These agreements may deal with the same subjects that may be dealt with in a Marriage Contract and they are subject to the same restrictions.

If the parties to a Cohabitation Agreement later marry each other, the agreement is deemed to be a Marriage Contract.

Separation Agreements

A couple - whether legally married or not, may enter into an agreement once they are living separate and apart, and may agree to their respective rights and obligations, including, but not limited to:

  • Ownership in or division of property;
  • Support obligations for a spouse or the children;
  • Right to custody and access to their children;
  • Decision-making with respect to children - right to direct the education and moral training of their children; and
  • Any other matter in the settlement of their affairs.

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