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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Practice is a no court option in which you retain control over the decisions for your children and your future, and limit the emotional and financial costs of separation.

In Collaborative Family Law, professionals work as a team with both you and your spouse to help you resolve parenting and financial issues in a respectful process. Usually, spouses find this process is less expensive and faster than court, and that a final agreement reached through collaboration is much more satisfying than going to court.

Each person retains his or her own specially trained collaborative lawyer to advise and assist in negotiating an agreement on all issues. All negotiations take place in four-way meetings attended by both clients and lawyers. Settlement is the goal. Negotiations are focused on the parties’ needs and interests, and on achieving solutions that meet the needs of all family members. The information necessary for the parties to make informed decisions is freely, honestly, and voluntarily exchanged. The lawyers cannot go to court or threaten to go to court.

If either client chooses to go to court, both collaborative lawyers are disqualified from further participation. Each client has built-in legal advice and advocacy during negotiations. Each lawyer’s job includes guiding the clients toward reasonable and creative resolutions. Providing legal advice is an integral part of the process, but all the decisions are made by the clients. At the clients’ request, the collaborative lawyers prepare and process the necessary documents.






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